So, what's this all about? 

If you're here, I assume some of what I said so far has resonated with you.  Let me give you more detail.  I created a program that I lovingly call the Take Flight Program (TFP), for women just like you.  Take Flight is the only program that will build you a foundation of strength so you can do the fun things like kayak, bike, hike, climb, walk for hours on end in amazingly gorgeous places, swim in slightly choppy (albeit SAFE) water, trail walk up large hills or small mountains, crawl on the dusty floor of the coolest cave you've ever seen... you get my drift... without feeling scared or inadequate or like you aren't good enough to have fun.  You, my friend, deserve fun, so let's not let fear keep you from it, mmkay?


Take Flight is structured in three phases and it's all done online through 1-1 fitness coaching.  Each phase tackles a critical component that will help build your strong foundation and includes instructional videos to help you learn the technique of each exercise in the program.  The program is a total of 12-weeks (a 3 month commitment) and each phase will last 4-weeks.  

What's included?  Keep scrolling... 


You get a 30-minute video assessment with me to identify movement pattern changes needed and I'll turn around the results to you in 48-hours.

Weekly Check-ins

We will check in via text to go over any questions you may have on form, function, or program layout.  Swaps for exercises/modifications can also be made.


Yep, you read that right.  You get to have FUN.   Here's your permission! This program is meant to build your foundation, but to also help you have fun along the way.

3-Phase Program

Take Flight will be delivered to you in three phases and will consist of a booklet that describes each phase in great detail.

Members Only 

You'll get a login and password to a members only forum and private facebook group where you can share your successes with women just like you!  Your success is our success!


I'm not a spiritual, crystal-loving hippie for nothing, you know.  I'm here to help pass along encouragement & inspiration so you can learn to believe in yourself!

The Deets


  • Account with True Coach

  • 5-day per week program

  • Mobility, Core, & Strength Focus

  • Weekly app check ins with me

  • Customizable to your needs


  • Instructional videos for each exercise

  • Pamphlets for each phase with discussion, recipes, and outdoor/travel tips & ideas


  • Monthly emails that include:

    • Meditations​

    • Places to scope out

    • Activities to try

    • Book recommendations 

Here's what this program is not:

  • It's not about weight loss.  Hey, if that happens and you wanted that, sweet.  Added bonus.

  • It's not going to make you an ultra marathoner, a super-hiker, or an outdoor, competitive athlete.  

  • It's not for ladies who are already avid athletes looking to gain more skills to crush their goals.

  • It's not about changing body composition, but just know, there's a good chance that might happen!

  • It's not for those recently injured and in the rehab phase, but let's talk after you're done working with your physiotherapist or physical therapist.

This program IS for you if:

  • You're a newbie when it comes to travel and outdoor activities.

  • You have some experience with fitness or currently have an unstructured workout routine.

  • You love nature and traveling and want to experience the world in every way you can.

  • You're looking for techniques on how to create a space for self-love, self-care, and balance.

  • You don't need hand holding, but you need accountability and some structure with someone who's been there, done that and gets it.

If you're still reading and you're literally saying "HELL YES!  I want in!" then look no further.

$227/MO OR $597 in FULL

Still need more?  Check out the testimonial page.  Just a FYI, I've been training one-on-one in person for six years and I love my clients more than anything!  I've trained for every goal type:  weight loss, body composition changes, post-injury and post physical therapy, corrective exercise... but I found my niche and now it's time to share it with YOU! 

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