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Updated: May 12, 2020

Do these phrases sound familiar?

"You're so dramatic."

"I think you are too sensitive."

"Oh my God, you are over-reacting."

There's a time and place to hear these phrases and stop to think, "Hmm, does this ring true to me?" There is, however, also a time to stop and think, "Are they unable to face the truth of my words and therefore must gaslight me for their own psychological benefit?"

Does this resonate with you? Read it aloud as if you are reading for yourself:

Many people believe that I am a pushover. Why? Fear. I have lived my life in fear. Afraid of what others think of me. Afraid of what others might say about me. Afraid that if I speak, someone will try to discredit me and my character and I won't be believed. I have said yes to things my entire life when I should have said no because it was easier than what I thought the outcome would be if I went with my gut. If I said yes, maybe I would be respected more or loved more, but that was never what happened. The yes was always the original no in the long run and the end result was always messier than just saying no in the beginning.

This was how I grew up and how I have lived all of my life. Even as I sit here and write this, I am terrified. I. Am. Afraid. The phrase within my subconscious constantly breathes "you are not safe." I have always worn a bullet proof vest made of cotton and tweed and was shredded by shots of guilt, shots of disapproval, shots of flaming words, shots of disappointment, and shots of narcissism.

Over the last year or so, I have started to find my voice and this voice no longer wants to stay quiet or be afraid of what might happen if I open my mouth. I am not a victim. I am not what you say I am. I no longer live within a scared child constantly searching for love. I am not an impostor and neither are you.

You are in control of your life and you do not have to let in the words of the cruel world that might surround you as your truth. YOU decide your truths. YOU decide whose words have meaning to you and whose don't - and ONLY YOU get to decide to no longer be a victim.

When you speak out or speak up and someone tells you that you are overreacting or you are too sensitive, ask yourself these three things:

1. "Am I speaking from a place of grounding and logic or a place from anxiety and fear?"

2. "Can I stand my ground without defensiveness and use my words to explain my thoughts clearly and concisely?"

3. "Can I accept when someone does not respond to me or shows me a defensive side, that this is not about me and is solely about them when their words don't ring true to me?"

If you answered yes to any of those questions, congratulations! You have boundaries. People will always try to push them and cross them, but I know you. You are classic. You are strong. You are powerful in your words and energy. You are not a victim and it's ok to say things like "no" and "I disagree with you" and "I'm sorry, but I am not comfortable with this."

This is your life and you no longer have to deal with the shit that made you believe you

weren't 100% loveable and amazing. You were born loveable and will forever deserve love. Here's your permission to love yourself. Now go shine your light on the world. It needs your voice.


One Strong Hawk

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