"Rachel is the best out there.  I've been with her for about a year, and she's been such a light in my life.  I've made some big life decisions with her help, and I've also reached goals in fitness I never thought I could reach. You can't lose with this girl!"

~Jess P.

"I've had the opportunity to work with Rachel since July 2016. As a trainer, she is encouraging and truly takes time to know you. She is knowledgeable not only about fitness, but diet and how things affect your body.  With Rachel's support, I've lost 42 pounds and many inches." 

~Lori S.

"Rachel made training personal and considerate.  I love the fact that her background in health leads to less injury and faster recovery."

~Li L.

"Training has not only helped me improve my health, it's helped me gain my confidence back to live my best life.  I highly recommend Rachel as a personal trainer.  Ask my family; they all train with her, too!"

~Martha G.

"I have been working with Rachel for almost 4 years. I came to her as a former college athlete who lost her way for several years. I wanted to jump head first into ambitious exercises that I was used to in college. Thankfully, Rachel slowed me down and taught me the value of doing my recovery the right way.  I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. She has changed my life and has become a wonderful support and cherished friend!"

~Maria D.

"Rachel is the best thing that happened to me. She is an awesome trainer, is very knowledgeable on what's currently going on in the fitness world in any capacity, and she has a rhyme and reason behind every move she has you perform. Everything serves a purpose!" 

~Kim W.

"I feel fortunate to have Rachel as my personal trainer.  She is knowledgeable, supportive, and she personalizes the activities to meet my needs and abilities, while pushing me outside of my comfort zone.  Every workout is different, which keeps it interesting and motivating." 

~Brenda K.

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